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 willow_rose03 - (kit_tricky)
06:44pm 05/12/2007
Kit posting in The community of Willow, That be MEEE!!!
Here is my essay entitled...

Things that make me ugly:

My hair won't do what I want it to.I can never make it look all shiney and healthy.
My nose. It sticks up like a big ski slope and I have huge nostrils. Also I have this blackhead that won't go away.
My lips are too big. They look like a ducks bill. I also have a big scar on my upper lip which looks really bad when I smile.
My fat cheeks and double chin.
My eyes sometimes look crossed. And I have a brown streak in them which makes them look all funky.
My ears are shaped weird.
My shoulders are too broad.
My boobs are too big which in turn makes my back hurt and gives me an excuse for bad posture.
My elbows are dry.
My hands and fingers are too fat.
I'm a big fat ass with a spare tire.
My butt is entirely too big and wide.
My hips are even wider and I have to squish myself into chairs sometimes.
I have big ol thunder thighs.
My knees are nobby.
I have cankles.
My feet are size boat and friggin wide as hell.
I have callouses on my toes.


My hair is growing and feels like it's getting thicker, I can also do a lot more with it.
I have a cute little turned up "button" nose. It's like a little kids. With just a touch of makeup all the flaws are gone.
I have awesome full lips with the perfect bow or whatever it's called. I have a scar on my upper lip that only shows when I smile. It gives me character.
My face is round and full but I still have cheekbones. I also have nice pale skin.
I have awesome eyes. They are crystal blue and have a line of brown right thru the middle. Totally unique.
I have awesome piercings in both ears.
I have nice broad shoulders that look really good with off the shoulder tops.
I have nice full boobs.
I have nice not-fat elbows and I'm hoping to keep them that way.
I have little dimply fingers and hands that kind of look like a little kids but with nice long finger nails on them.
I'm full figured and love it. I've gotten more attention in the past 2 years than when I was a lot thinner. I have curves and it's awesome.
Baby got back, and the guys seem to love it.
My thighs are just the right size to go with my body.
My knees look awesome in certain skirts.
My ankles are nice and not too boney looking.
My feet are the perfect size for me. If they were any smaller I would fall down all the time.
My toes look so cute all painted up.

There's always going to be 1/2 a glass of water (or vodka) but you can either dump it out and waste it or drink it and be satisfied.
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12:11am 06/12/2007 (UTC)
ok. so you made me bawl my eyes out. I love you for how much you care about me and know how to make the point come across with me.
But with me, it's like, proof is sorta in the pudding. You know? And that sucks.
I'm sorry.
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