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HBP casting news
 willow_rose03 - (sic_gurrl)
10:17am 16/11/2007
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HBP and WB has announced that "casting for HBP is complete" which either means they're not announcing anymore new people OR they don't need to cast anymore people, but still have a couple to tell us about later. Don't know. Either way, I really don't think Bill Weasley made it in this film, which means he will not be in the last film either which means that whole Bill and Fleur wedding? It's gonna be Lupin and Tonks wedding instead. No we don't read about that wedding in the actual book. Harry wasn't even INVITED to that wedding {it was a small intimate thing}} and it really sucks there will be no Bill Weasley {and no Charlie Weasley either}}. But in a good way, if they do feature Lupin and Tonks wedding, at least everyone will understand Lupin really ISN'T GAY. ...

But again, alas, I'm happy about Lavender Brown and I'm curious to see who gets to be the new teenage Tom Riddle. The guy that got to be the memory of him in Chamber of Secrets is NOT portraying him again. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, very BIG hopefully they found someone that at least resembles the guy that played the memory of him because they're supposed to be the same age. But Tom in HBP is already "turning into" his "other side" as Voldemort. So basically what I mean is he's not just a memory in the film. It's just a FLASHBACK, but what we see is supposed to be "him in the flesh" as he's walking around and creating evil and being evil and all that evil stuff. So in other words, even though they probably didn't care much to find a kid that really resembles our last Tom Riddle {although the last Tom Riddle DID have lines, and plenty of them}}, if he at least resembles him, for the sake of it looking better, he doesn't have to look THAT much like him anyway {just resemble him}}. It's 2 different parts of his life. Same age, but 2 different parts. The memory of him that HE preserved himself was supposed to be just that, a memory, not a whole year of his life playing itself out or whatever. ... I think about these things. I look forward to the film and just hope we're not THAT disappointed and sitting there going "huh?" ...
But anyway, Yates {the director}} is BIG on making the films make sense for MOVIE fans only. Which is nice and whatever and makes sense and all that stuff, but hearing him say that sorta pisses us book AND movie fans off a bit more than usual. I understand, and I'm sure we all understand, that the movie can not be just like the book. It would never turn out completely perfect anyway, and since it usually takes us days to read a book, that much time and effort and money can not go into a movie. ENOUGH goes into a movie. They have to take the whole dang book and make it into one 2 hour long movie that will please everyone in some way or another.
I like Yates though and I have faith he's doing good with my favorite book of the HP series. But of course we have to wait and see.

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