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No Dudsies?
 willow_rose03 - (hr_r_luver)
11:19pm 30/11/2007
hr_r_luver posting in The community of Willow, That be MEEE!!!
So I'm guessing Dudley and his folks aren't gonna make an appearance in HBP? :/ That's kind of a bummer. I know papa Weasley isn't on the cast list yet either yet Dan's allegedly shot some scenes with him already last month. Oh well. Again I'm just glad all the vital people are there and are all the same. I was hoping for Bill, Fleur and Dobby, but I don't think I'm getting them. Now I just want the Weasley twins and Arthur confirmed. {I'm a fan of that character believe it or not. I think he's absolutely AWESOME. And I love the guy that portrays him. He's cool}}
I know we can't have it absolutely perfect, even if we don't understand why certain scenes or characters aren't included. {Such as Goblet of fire, I understand why SPEW wasn't in there, but OOTP, I don't understand why Hermione's kiss on Ron's cheek couldn't have been touched on a bit}} But anyway I guess we have to be grateful we got the movies at all! Right?
But still, I'm guessing ole Dudley and the fam aren't getting screen time this time around.
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